Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Time for Summer and Summer Reading!

It is so hard to believe that school is now out for the summer.
The year went by so quickly!

I has just posted a summer reading recommendations list
and record form on the Library Webpage.

The library encourages students to read these books or any other books
they enjoy. Incoming seventh graders who read during the summer are
able to earn one extra credit point per book, up to 20 points, in their
language arts classes in September 2009. They should list the title and
author of each book on the summer reading form and get a parent
signature. Additionally, both seventh and eighth graders may take
AR quizzes on the books they read during the summer.

Please enjoy a great summer, rich with reading. I'd also like to
thank all of you for your great support of the library this year.

with best wishes,

Jane Lofton
Lindero Teacher-Librarian