Sunday, December 9, 2007

Library News

Congratulations to Lindero's top five schoolwide Accelerated Reader stars for the month of November. These students, along with the September and October winners, are featured in individual READ posters in the library and their Language Arts classrooms, and in a group READ poster on the library slideshow at the top of the Library webpage.

We also congratulate Lindero's Classroom Accelerated Reader Stars for Sept.-Nov. Three times this school year, we will recognize the top AR readers in each Language Arts Class. One student in each class will be recognized for earning the most points during a three-month period, and another will be recognized for passing the most quizzes during that period. The list of student achievers is posted in the library and each Language Arts classroom.

Thanks to all the students who contributed posters to the book poster contest. We will announce the winners this week and get all the entries on display in the library very soon.