Monday, March 12, 2007

Book Talk - Runaway

Life has been miserable in foster homes for Holly since her mother died. Ms. Leone, her teacher, gives her a blank journal in which to record her thoughts in hopes that it can help her cope with life. Holly thinks it's a dumb idea, but for some reason she writes in the journal anyway, addressing her comments to Mrs. Leone, who, as she writes, "may be a teacher, Ms. Leone, but face it: You don't know squat." Then, Holly decides to run away, taking her journal with her. She isn't homeless, she tells herself, she's a gypsy, as she deals with the increasing difficulties of trying to survive entirely on her own. Throughout her travels, she records her experience in her journal.

Read Wendelin Van Draanen's Runaway to learn the secrets of Holly's diary and her life on the run.